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At some point in our lives we may feel lost, anxious, confused and sometimes deeply unhappy. We may realise that we are repeating certain patterns of behaviour that are negative or destructive.

Counselling can help you to grow and change, to resolve issues from the present and the past and become the person you wish to be. I have been privileged to work with many clients over the years, which has allowed me to support people in gaining a greater self-awareness and building more satisfying lives.

Counselling improves health and wellbeing and is available to anyone who feels the need to talk with someone outside of their family or friends without fear of being judged. You do not need to be referred for counselling by your GP.

Types of issues

I can help with many different issues, including:



Whether your experience of abuse is current or stems back to childhood, I can help you explore the feelings you are holding. You will be heard, believed and supported on your journey to gaining insight and stronger sense of self-worth.

Abuse >>

Stress, Anxiety, Depression

Anxiety, stress, depression

If you are suffering from anxiety, stress or depression then I will help you to explore your feelings. Relaxation and mindfulness techniques can often be helpful and together we can safely look at what is going on for you in your life.

Anxiety >>

Grief, Loss, Bereavement

Bereavement, loss, sadness

Bereavement and loss is something that all of us will experience at some point on our lives and can be a painful and confusing experience. I use a person-centred approach in my counselling, which means that our work together will be at your pace. Your loss will be respected, and you will be offered warmth and compassion.

Bereavement >>

Eating Disorder

Body Image / Eating Disorders

Some of us can feel very unhappy about the way we look, and this can be for many reasons. I can help you to understand your thoughts and feelings in these areas, safely exploring what is going on for you at an emotional level.

Eating disorder >>


Confidence / Assertiveness

Self-confidence is about trusting your own judgement and feelings and feeling able to voice these to the world. I firmly believe that everyone has the resources within them to grow in confidence. Sometimes we just need a safe space in which to find them and develop them.

Assertiveness >>

Terminal Illness

Life Limiting Illness / Pain

Many people experience illness and chronic pain, and this can feel isolating, tiring, depressing and sometimes as though our illness is in control of all that we do and feel. I work from a person-centred viewpoint which means I will offer you warmth and acceptance of your situation and feelings.

Life limiting illness >>

Low self esteem

Low self esteem, self-worth

Working to improve self-esteem can take time and patience and requires the courage to take a look inside ourselves and explore how we arrived at this view of ourselves. I hope to be able to explore these possibilities with you so that you feel more comfortable to ‘be you’.

Low self esteem >>



Phobias can develop at any time in our lives and working together we can look at triggers and may be able to uncover the root of your phobia. We can examine your cognitive processes around this overwhelming fear that may be disrupting your life.

Phobia >>

Repetitive-Destructive Pattern

Repetitive / Destructive Patterns

Many of us act out repetitive patterns in life that aren’t helpful and we’re unsure why. Once we are able to understand where these patterns came from then we have the choice to change them, bringing you to a ‘better place’ and your more authentic self.

Repetitive Destructive Pattern >>

relationship difficulties

Relationship difficulties / conflict

Most of us will experience some kind of conflict with loved ones at some time in our life and if left unattended, this conflict can spiral down into serious relationship difficulties. This can be with a spouse or partner, a colleague, friend or family member.

Relationship difficulties >>

Unresolved childhood issues

Unresolved childhood issues

I will safely help you to explore your early years, the lessons you learned and the values you adopted. Doing this can often uncover unresolved issues and in doing so, we then gain a greater insight into ourselves and why we may do or say the things we do.

Unresolved childhood issues >>

If you have any questions about either myself or counselling, please feel free to send me a message.

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