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Abuse Counselling

Abuse can be experienced in many forms; sexual abuse, physical abuse and emotional abuse.
Abuse allows a person to gain power and control over another, often leaving that person feeling fearful, isolated and their self-worth undermined.

There are so many different patterns of abuse and people may experience aggression, manipulation, accusing and blaming behaviour and belittling someone’s feelings.

Abuse can seriously damage a person’s feelings, leading to a loss of confidence and a sense of worthlessness. It’s often difficult for people to admit to abuse, leading to isolation and sometimes depression.


A stronger sense of self-worth

Whether your experience of abuse is current or stems back to childhood, I can help you explore the feelings you are holding and maybe even patterns of a sense of worth that has led you into an abusive relationship.

You will be heard, believed and supported on your journey to gaining insight and stronger sense of self-worth.

Do you have any questions or would you like to know more? Feel free to send me a message.

Sharon Krajnc, MBACP
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