Confidence and assertiveness

Confidence and assertiveness counselling Macclesfield

Counselling and therapy for confidence and assertiveness

Self-confidence is about trusting your own judgement and feelings and feeling able to voice these to the world. It is the means to realise your full potential and be the person that you want to be.

Do you feel you fail at many things, are shy, inferior to others or afraid to speak your mind?
Our early environment influences how are confidence has developed. Clients often say that their lack of confidence or assertiveness goes back many years and so it is really helpful in counselling to explore how we experienced our world as a child. This may give us clues as to how we learned to see and express ourselves.


Grow in confidence

I firmly believe that everyone has the resources within them to grow in confidence. Sometimes we just need a safe space in which to find them and develop them.

The longest relationship we will ever experience in life is the relationship we have with ourselves. Counselling is therefore an amazing opportunity to get to know yourself and to move to a place where you believe that who you are is ‘enough’.

I hope to be able to explore these possibilities with you so that you feel more comfortable to ‘be you’ and to share your strengths and abilities with the world around you.

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