Eating Disorders

Eating disorder counselling Macclesfield

Counselling for eating disorders and body image issues

How do you see your body…what kind of relationship do you have with your own body?
Some of us can feel very unhappy about the way we look and this can be for many reasons including, in today’s society, media images of ‘perfect’ people.

If we don’t like how we look, then we are saying that there is a part of ourselves that we don’t like which can create low self-esteem and confidence issues.

Eating disorders are an outward expression of psychological and emotional turbulence. We may turn to food as a way of expressing those emotions, sometimes as a way of coping with life or as a means of gaining a sense of control.

Eating Disorders

A platform for change

I can help you to understand your thoughts and feelings in these areas, safely exploring what is going on for you at an emotional level. This will hopefully give you a greater insight into your thoughts and behaviours which can then create the platform for change.

Your relationship with your own body is the longest relationship you will ever have – taking the time to understand this relationship may be the greatest investment you make in yourself.

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