Life limiting illness and pain

Life limiting illness counselling Macclesfield

Counselling and therapy for life limiting illness and pain

Many people experience illness and chronic pain and this can feel isolating, tiring, depressing and sometimes as though our illness is in control of all that we do and feel.

We can often feel as though people just don’t understand what it’s like and we may feel as though our life is limited.

Together, we can look at the thoughts and feelings you are experiencing and as well as trying to accept certain realities to also look at possibilities that we may have lost sight of. This can create a sense of balance in your life so that your own your pain/illness no longer owns you.

Terminal illness

Warmth and acceptance

I work from a person-centred viewpoint which means I will offer you warmth and acceptance of your situation and feelings. Your difficulties will be truly heard and you will be shown compassion throughout our work together.

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Sharon Krajnc, MBACP
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I bring my authentic self to each client and each session and am passionate about the work I do.
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