Repetitive and destructive patterns

Repetitive and destructive patterns counselling Macclesfield

Counselling and therapy for repetitive and destructive patterns

Do you feel that your repeat certain patterns or behaviours in life that feel unhelpful or destructive? Maybe some of these might sound familiar to you:

  • Engaging in similar relationships time and again
  • Not walking away from bad situations (jobs / relationships)
  • Repeatedly feeling that you’re not good enough
  • Always being the ‘go to’ person and the organiser in life
  • Repeatedly fearing the worst outcome instead of seeing the positives ahead

Many of us act out repetitive patterns in life that aren’t helpful and we’re unsure why. These patterns can often feel frustrating and sometimes even destructive and it’s quite common for us to blame the world or those around us without realising that we are the common denominator.

repetitive destructive patterns

You will be safely heard without judgement

I will help you to explore these patterns, your thought processes and the feelings that lie underneath them. Once we are able to understand where these patterns came from then we have the choice to change them, bringing you to a ‘better place’ and your more authentic self.

I believe that there is no better investment than taking the time to get to know yourself and what ‘makes you tick’. We may look at your life history and what is going on for you in the here and now. You will be safely heard without judgement whilst we are on the journey of exploring who you are.

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