Unresolved childhood issues

Unresolved childhood issues counselling Macclesfield

Counselling and therapy for unresolved childhood issues

Who we are today as adults is a culmination of life experiences, lessons given to us as children and value and belief systems (often instilled in us by our parents).

Our childhood may feel ‘ok’ but we may have unmet needs that we are unconsciously still seeking to fulfil as adults. Or, we may have experienced a distressing childhood and are unaware that these experiences drive us in our adult behaviour.

Unresolved Childhood Issues

Realise your full potential

I will safely help you to explore your early years, the lessons you learned and the values you adopted. Doing this can often uncover unresolved issues and in doing so, we then gain a greater insight into ourselves and why we may do or say the things we do.

Looking at our ‘early self’ can help us to develop an understanding on a deeper level that can help us to realise our full potential and maybe let go of those thoughts or beliefs that are unhelpful to us as adults.

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